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For 30 years, Palminha Clothing brings its magic to the baby universe, always surprising with products that combine fashion trends to comfort and quality.

This combination reflects the acknowledgement of the brand in the Brazilian market.

With new clothing and accessories developed each season of the year, Palminha brings products with high quality level for our little ones.

Our creations dress various little Brazilian boys and girls, being always the best option for daddies and mommies when the subject is comfort and well-being of their little ones.

Palminha. Joy in dressing your baby!

The Company

The company, located in Amparo/SP, is part of the Name Palma Group, and counts with a physical space of 2.500 m2 built, where all of the company's departments are located, from administration to expedition.


To develop clothing and accessories for babies, seeking to satisfy the market needs towards quality, price, and innovation, attending the whole South America.


To be a consolidated, prestigious and humanized brand.

Values and Beliefs

  • Human being valorization.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Ethics in Relations.
Social Palminha

Along with the joy in dressing babies from all of Brazil, Palminha Clothing is also honored to collaborate with philanthropic entities from the city of Amparo.

ASA is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization founded in mid 1966 in the city of Amparo. ASA’s goal is to attend families promoting the recovery of people in need. Developing sports programs driven by practice, teaching, study, and development, as well as supporting partnerships with other social institutions, encouraging them to adopt planned programs for better and larger service support to the community, all of that aiming towards social inclusion and the development of children and teenagers. These are a few of the beautiful activities of the entity.

Lar dos Velhos de Amparo started its activities in mid 1906, initially surviving exclusively on donations, volunteers and dedicated friends. It houses senior citizens of both sexes, without distinction of race, social class, color or religion. There are no walls separating the residences creating more human warmth and friendship between the residents. They also have an extremely woody area.

It values and recognizes the importance of the neighbor and mutual care, and has as its philosophy that “the more fortunate helps the less fortunate”. Engaged with social responsibility in the acting community, Palminha Clothing collaborates annually with Lar dos Velhos through the donation of geriatric bibs.

Hospital Anna Cintra. Founded over 120 years ago, Hospital Anna Cintra is inserted in the historical context of the city of Amparo. During all of these years, the Santa Casa offers to their users diverse kinds of exams and treatments, hence, saving lives and providing well-being to the ones that reaches the hospital.

Palminha Clothing, in partnership with the hospital, takes part in one of the most important moment for numerous mothers and babies. The company gifts each newborn with a high quality cap, crafted by the clothing.